Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2017
by Lillian Too & Jennifer Too

In the latest Fortune & Feng Shui 2017 books, your personalized astrological guide to the year ahead, find out how you can:
  • Maximize SUCCESS luck in 2017
  • Tap into the BIG AUSPICIOUS & SMALL AUSPICIOUS stars of the year
  • Activate for BIG WEALTH to come into your life
  • Get your TIMING right from month to month
  • Energize Peach Blossom luck to find NEW LOVE
  • Improve RELATIONSHIPS with your family, friends, colleagues and bosses
  • Jumpstart EXAM LUCK and find yourself a MENTOR
  • Reduce HEALTH WOES and STAY SAFE through the year
The Fire Rooster of 2017 is not a quiet Rooster; it is emboldened with the #3 Star, making this a year when you will have to navigate some difficult personalities and some challenging situations. But knowing how to organize your living space, and to time your own actions, will go a long way to ensure you make the most of the GOOD FORTUNE OPPORTUNITIES the year has to offer, while avoiding the AFFLICTIONS.

Learn how to ENHANCE YOUR FENG SHUI in a simple, practical fashion. Do this before the start of the year, then keep this little book by your side to ensure you stay updated throughout the four seasons of the year. Each month and each quarter of the year possesses its own characteristics, advantages and setbacks, but knowing what to expect in advance, plus knowing what to do about it, will put you ahead of the pack.

GET YOUR FORTUNE & FENG SHUI book for your animal sign, and also for all of your family, loved ones and friends.

These books are pocket-sized so they are super handy to carry around, but packed FULL of invaluable information to boost your feng shui luck for 2017!

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